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Price list and conditions

Individual classes

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If you want to take individual lessons, you can choose between two modalities: individual class booking or fixed monthly payment through the monthly package.

In the case of monthly package, it will be agreed day and time between the teacher and the student and the payment will be made until the 8th of each respective month.


The choice of the package brings the advantage of booking day and time, as well as priority of choosing the available times at the beginning of the school year.

At the same time, even if the student is absent, regardless of the number of absences, the provision is paid in full (without prejudice to class rescheduling, depending on the availability of time, when the absence is communicated 24 hours in advance).

In the case of a separate class, the student may book the class without any commitment to attendance. To book the class, consult the calendar, see the availability of schedules and send an email so we can find out which spots are available. In order for the class reservation to be made, send the proof of payment by email.  In case the student wants to reschedule the class, he will have to do so 24 hours in advance.

Violin Course for Adults

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The Violin Course for adults has two modalities: 60 min class per week or 90 min (per week).

In the case of payment of tuition, the student may choose, according to their level, the class where they want to take classes. The monthly payment will be made until the 8th of each respective month.

In the Violin Course for adults, it is not necessary to purchase a violin during the first two months of the course.

You can take separate classes if you want to try just one class. In this case, you should contact us to find out if there will be space and also to determine the respective level.


To proceed with the payment of separate classes or tuition, proceed to the bank transfer (IBAN) or MbWay, indicating name and respective month monthly or date of the separate class. Send proof of payment by email.

IBAN: PT50 0035 0298 00004417600 40

MbWay: 917661577

At the end of each month, the respective receipt will be sent by email. 

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