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Violin Video React

What is a Violin Video React?

It is a new way of training through the exchange of videos. For example, the teacher receives a video of you playing the last song that you have been practicing (for example via Whatsapp) and she will study it and prepare exercises. After, the teacher will record a video reacting to yours. Basically you'll receive a video where you'll see yourself in the screen and the teacher at the same time, inside of a little box in the corner, stopping your video anytime she feels she needs to make comments, making corrections or giving exercises. It is a very effective way since it is completely customized for you and your level and you can watch as many time you want.

Here I show you an example:  

P.s. I recorded the video with me to keep videos from students, private. All the videos recorded, received or sent will be kept private and only exchanged between the me and the student.

What are the benefits?

It is completely customized to your needs and your level. It is in my opinion, a good replacement for regular one-on-one classes, even those online.

It was designed for busy professionals that cannot commit to regular week classes (online or not); to students that prefer to learn at their pace but still with guidance from a teacher and for those who prefer to play comfortably at home. With a video react, you can pause it and rewind it as many times you like.

Why is this a good deal for you?

This is extremely cost-effective. A weekly regular  1 hour class (one-on-one) takes around 180 euros per month. With this approach, it's only 30 euros per month! (and you save money on gas or transport). You can send as many videos you like and you'll receive feedback on them. 

Since I have seen for myself with my students that this really works, I would like to offer you a free first video react before you decide and see if it's good for you.

You can send me the video via whatsapp (+31 623216057), e-mail, google drive or other platforms you feel more comfortable with.

P.s. The video reacts will be sent in the language you prefer: English, Dutch, Portuguese or Italian.

How does it work and what do you need?

You only need a phone or a laptop where you can record yourself playing and, also to watch the Violin Video Reacts that you will receive from me.

If it has been a while since you had your last violin class, it's not a problem. We can schedule a small call so we talk about the last pieces that you have played and also about the exercises that I find important for you to do.

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