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Mission Violin Academy

Mission Violin Academy is a project that was designed to help any student that wishes to learn how to play the violin, independently of their age, anywhere in the world.

It was designed for:

- Busy professionals that cannot commit to weekly regular classes, even online one-on-one

- People that prefer to learn at their pace at their home.

- People who learned violin when they were younger and now wish to pick it up

What are the products offered by "Mission Violin Academy"?

Online Video Course by modules in which you can access anytime you want. This course  contains recorded videos in which you can access and watch them in your laptop or your smartphone. This course was designed for students that want to learn how to play the violin from scratch or for those who are in other levels. In the end of each video you have exercises that you need to make and record yourself and send to the teacher.

With this courses you don't need to schedule an online class and you can learn the violin at your pace. ONLINE VIDEO COURSE UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Violin Video React as a way to receive feedback and tips from the teacher. 

It consists of you receiving training through the exchange of videos. For example, the teacher receives a video of you playing the last song that you have been practicing (for example via whatsapp) and she will study it and prepare exercises. After, she will record a video reacting to yours. Basically you'll receive a video where you'll see yourself in the screen and the teacher at the same time, inside of a little box in the corner, stopping your video anytime she feels she needs to make comments, making corrections or giving exercises. It is a very effective way since it is completely customized for you and your level and you can watch as many time you want.


Here is an example on how does a Violin Video React look like:  

Zoom online classes in which you will learn new violin techniques and new songs. These classes will be scheduled once every two weeks according to your level, and you will see other colleagues who are are also attending. It is a great opportunity to ask questions about the songs and techniques that you are learning during the class. It might happen that other colleagues might have the same questions, so it is a great platform for shared learning. The material you need is a laptop or a smartphone and your violin. Your audio will be muted during the class and you don't need to play in front of your colleagues if you do not feel comfortable.


Here you have 3 different methods for you to learn from scratch or to keep learning how to play the violin.

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